Rose Valley Textiles is integrating with The Weaving Workshop. Within the next few weeks, Rose Valley Textiles will no longer be an entity and the primary business will be the online educational platform and creative community that continues to grow.

 offers online creative weaving studies to motivate, inspire, and

provide practical tips for time spent at the loom.

The ambition is to share my artistic voice; to focus on the process of making art; to incorporate various materials and weaving methods as a means of expression; to investigate the importance and significance of textiles both historically and presently; and to share my knowledge of art and design.

My goal is to create an online community of creatives who are on a quest to ask and answer questions, share insights, and express themselves through weaving.

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Brittany McLaughlin

In her woven design studio, Brittany McLaughlin creates original designs on the hand loom by experimenting with structures, yarns, and color combinations.

With industrial knowledge of weaving, she translates innovative and inspirational designs for industrial jacquard-woven production through our association with WOVNS;  an innovative solution to a new realm of textile design referred to as a WOD (Weaving-On-Demand).

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